Home Decor Inspiration

Get inspired by these amazing examples of home decor and see how the correct light sets the theme and transforms the room! For all these designs and more browse our lighting shop or contact our sales department for more specific project requirements – 0044 28 302 53616

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Lighting Buying Guide

The world of lighting is complex and plentiful making an informed decision difficult when it comes to sizing up a light fitting for your room whilst ensuring its 4 corners are adequately lit for purpose. Firstly, ask yourself: What do you want your lights to offer? Ambience – Creating moods in a room with warm colours and bold statements Brightness – Effective working light for home offices, reading and desk work Accent – Lighting dark corners, pictures and focal points Function – Enhanced focused lighting directed in an area requiring extra... Read More 07/12/2016

How to place Kitchen Island Pendants

We often get asked, how many kitchen pendant lights do you need for an island and how should i space them and at what heights?? We’ve created this awesome guide to help you get the most out of your kitchen lighting! In summary, always raise the bottom of the pendant above the line of sight for the average standing height of a person. Groups of 2-3 pendants are ideal with spacing between 12-18″ so not to allow shadows and also allow the eye to travel past. The shape of a... Read More


Top 3 LED Security Floodlights of 2016

We all want piece of mind in security of our homes especially when it protects our most important worldly assets, that’s why its important to implement effective low cost solutions to protect your home. Floodlighting can be used in many applications not just restricted to residential premises with security options in the form of motion detectors. To accurately compare floodlights we need a scoring scale which includes; Light Output (1-5), Size (1 = Big, 2 = Medium, 3 = Small), Versatility (1-5) and Compatibility (1-5). The aim is to maximize... Read More


How much should i pay for a light?

Great first question! We always get asked ‘whats a normal spend’ when looking for home and garden lighting, and thankfully we have a great answer to help you work out its worth. Answer these questions to calculate your budget for light fixtures: How long will you have this lighting  (in days)? – use the table below if your stuck How much will the light cost? Now do the maths: My light costs £200 and it will go in my Kitchen meaning i should have it for 10 years or 3650... Read More 09/08/2016

Top Tips for choosing a Breakfast Bar Light

Adequate and effective Kitchen lighting is critical.. its the difference between finely chopping those crunchy onions and coarsely chopping off a digit! So what should you look for when choosing a Pendant light for over a breakfast island? Styling that will match your decor – fancy the modern look? Maybe the traditional look? A material composition suitable for a busy Kitchen – Cloth material isn’t recommended with moisture in the air so stick with Metal and Chunky Glass Sufficiently sized to span the length of the breakfast Bar and Hang... Read More