A Light to Suit Every Decor

Whatever your home decor style, a light feature is the perfect enhancing addition to any home or corporate space; combining quality design and on-trend style.

Light features, whether subtle or extravagant, are designed to make a statement, providing a purposeful yet beautifully crafted product to suit any interior or exterior setting.

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As a provider of quality light fixtures, fittings and features – we understand the importance of finding the ideal and most complementary light that’s sure to enhance your design, offering a quality range of both modern and traditional styles to suit.

So, if you fancy giving your home a lighting makeover, here are a few classic styles that are sure to be forever on trend, year after year.

Gothic Statements

When it comes to traditional styles with a contemporary twist, gothic statements are the perfect way of implementing a little classic style into a home’s decor. Gothic statements are ideal for rustic homes, highlighting wrought-iron materials for a real touch of classic and sophisticated design.

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The Searchlight Maypole Black 3 Arm Fitting is the perfect feature that promises to enhance any traditional or historical home. Its classic and simplistic shape adds a subtle and sophisticated style to any surrounding decor, perfectly complementing ranges of natural materials; including wood and stone.

Vintage Touches

If you want to add a touch of delicate styling to your home or corporate space, consider implementing a sense of vintage decor to your aesthetic. Opt for creams, delicate golds and small-scale floral to enhance your interior styling, creating a harmonious and vintage-inspired theme.


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The Catania 3Arm Ivory Fitting is the perfect suspended on chain fitting, providing any vintage styled home with the ultimate chandelier-inspired hanging feature. Delicate in aesthetic; the feature oozes slight Leaf & Rose effect Metalwork with decorative glass lets to really inspire a timeless and glistening quality to a formally historical design.

Decorative Metals

For a modern or artistic home aesthetic, decorative metals are the ideal way of incorporating contemporary styles in simplistic yet statement-making interior design. For larger spaces, consider a larger-scale light feature, providing a focal point to many minimalist surroundings.


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The Searchlight Crystal Glass Spiral Fitting is the ideal extravagant low hanging crystal feature which is sure to add the sparkle to any home decor. Whether in the dining room, hallway, bedroom or living room – this Hi-Power halogen lamp is sure to dazzle both your guests and your interior.

Here at Ideas 4 Lighting, we are passionate about style, and aim to forever keep you, our customer up-to-date with the latest trends and styles of the design season. We offer an extensive range of lighting options, from bathroom wall lights to desk and table lamps – whatever your requirements, we are sure to have the ideal feature for you and your home! So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 028 3025 3616 today!

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