Kitchen Lighting Tips

Our kitchens are often the most used rooms in our homes; hence it’s important we get their design just right. A good lighting plan is an essential aspect of any kitchen design and can help improve both the style and functionality of this key space. So here we take a look at some top kitchen lighting tips, to help you get the right look for your kitchen.


When it comes to kitchen lighting, pendant lights are a very popular option and offer great style and functionality. These are a staple in kitchen designs and are often fitted above kitchen islands and tables, to brighten and add extra light to these key areas.

However, you don’t have to use pendants lights and if you would like to give you kitchen a cleaner and more streamlined aesthetic, then flush ceiling lights can make a great alternative. These typically produce a beautiful skylight effect too, making your kitchen appear more spacious.


As a handy tip, it’s important to think about your lighting design in the context of the other features in your kitchen. For example, if the finish of your countertops is quite reflective, when paired with strong ceiling lighting, this could produce unnecessary glare.

Lights Aren’t Just For Ceilings

When designing the perfect lighting scheme for your kitchen, it’s best not to only include lights on the ceiling of your kitchen as this can lead to the development of shadows in important areas of your kitchen, such as your work surfaces. Try installing some good quality lights such as LED lights, under you cabinets too. After all, a well lit work area is matter of safety too!


Colour can make a real difference when determining the number and types of lighting fixtures to use in your kitchen. For example, white typically reflects light, making a space feel brighter. Hence, if you’re thinking of using white surfaces in your kitchen, you may be able to get away with using bulbs with a lower wattage, or even using less lights altogether, whilst still having a well lit room. Darker colours and wooden furnishing, on the other hand, will absorb more light than lighter surfaces, so it’s important to plan for these too.

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