Subtle vs. Statement Lighting

When designing the lighting scheme for any room in your home, you must choose whether you want the lights to be a feature of the design or if you want them to be subtle and unnoticed. Either can be very effective, and can create a beautiful environment.

Subtle Lighting

If your room has significant features that you’d like to accentuate, a subtle lighting scheme is an excellent way to achieve this. By casting the light towards the features of the room – traditional timber beams, for example – you set the accent on the features rather than on the light fixtures themselves. You can also use hidden lighting to accentuate textures in the room, such as exposed  brick walls.

One of the key aspects of a subtle lighting scheme is that it must be layered and spread out – a single light fixture will be noticeable, whereas a spread of smaller fixtures will create the subtle look that you want. Flush ceiling lights, spotlights and wall lights are particularly useful in creating this effect; downlighters and uplighters are also helpful.

Statement Lighting

If the room in question doesn’t have significant features to work with, you may want to make the lights themselves the feature. This is, of course, the arena of the chandelier and the extravagant lamp!

Alongside choosing a dramatic and eye-catching fixture, you can make a statement with your lighting through your positioning, placing lights where they are designed to be seen. For example, you may choose to have pendant lights hanging low to place them in the line of sight instead of hanging them high overhead where they wouldn’t normally be noticed.


Subtle and Statement

Of course, you may also wish to combine the two. A statement lighting feature can often be complemented by a subtle lighting scheme which gives the room a harmonised atmosphere. This is particularly the case in large rooms, where a single statement lighting feature may not be sufficient to fully light the room, or in cases where your statement light may perhaps leave the room feeling a little starkly lit. In the case of crystal light features, having additional light from other angles can bring out the sparkle in the crystal even more.

Whether you’re looking for subtle lighting or a statement piece, here at Ideas 4 Lighting we have a range to suit all tastes. For more information, get in touch with us on 0044 28 3025 3616 today.

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