The Luxurious Lighting Guide

If you’re looking to spruce up your home a bit this autumn or winter, there is one very effective and affordable way to do it, which, of course, is by adding brand new lighting features to your home. Lights not only make your home brighter but add a touch of much-needed luxury to your lovely little palace.

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Your home should reflect your personality, and it should also impress you (and your guests!). We all know that dull, lifeless and uninspiring rooms are just not going to do the trick, so spice up your home with some gorgeous lighting features! To help you to choose the best lighting for your home we’ve picked a few of our personal favourites from our collection that will certainly add an air of luxury to your home, whatever the room!

The Bathroom


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The bathroom is a place where you can relax and indulge in a gorgeous bubble bath, so lighting here is exceptionally important. Your bathroom ceiling lights should sparkle in your mirrors, so where you place them is certainly something that you should consider. Crystal lights are a fabulous way to add a touch of class to the room whilst adding that all important sparkle! For a modern look, add a few wall spotlights and highlight the bath, which is usually the central feature to the room.

The Dining Room


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Now, the dining room is the place you’ll be more likely to entertain, so if you want everyone to leave your home with the wow factor, you need to light it up with some intricate and unique lighting – that shouldn’t be hard to find in our collection! Statement lighting features, such as hanging ceiling lights will certainly add an air of vintage elegance to the room, and if that isn’t impressive, what is? Remember to add a dimmer switch so that you can alter the mood (you can’t have a romantic evening without it!)

The Bedroom


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The bedroom is a place where you can let your personality run wild and completely determine the look of your room. If you have a passion for Victorian glamour or a more contemporary aesthetic, now is the time to use it. We recommend that you choose designer ceiling lights for your bedroom; they are usually stand-out features!

The Lounge


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Art deco never fails to make a statement in the living room, so try and have a few table lights or floor lights scattered here and there. Of course, you also need a central lighting feature that will light up the room marvelously; multi-arm ceiling lights are perfect for use here – especially if they have that gorgeous candle aesthetic.

If you’re craving more luxury in your home, get it! Do it with lighting; brand new lighting features can bring a room to life, whatever your chosen aesthetic. So, follow this luxury lighting guide and we’re certain that your home will look nothing short of marvelous.

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