How much should i pay for a light?

Great first question!

We always get asked ‘whats a normal spend’ when looking for home and garden lighting, and thankfully we have a great answer to help you work out its worth. Answer these questions to calculate your budget for light fixtures:

  1. How long will you have this lighting  (in days)? – use the table below if your stuck
  2. How much will the light cost?

Now do the maths:

My light costs £200 and it will go in my Kitchen meaning i should have it for 10 years or 3650 days*, so £200 divided by 3650 days is a cost of only £0.05 per day!

Now lets look at average costs per room:

  • Living Rooms (Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen)  – on average £500
  • Bedroom Lights – on average £140
  • Hall / Foyer / Landing – on average £400
  • Table / Floor light (anywhere) – on average £110

As easy as 1-2-3.. thats you all set to go shopping!

Useful table for the life expectancy of a light fitting:

  • Recessed Lighting – 20 years
  • Living Space Lights (Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen) – 10 years
  • Bedroom lights – 15 years
  • Table / Floor Lamps – 8 years

* 365 days in 1 calender year

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