Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

Maybe you have a new home or maybe your looking to give that new kitchen design the perfect lighting from design, quality and performance. In this modern lighting article will show you the products used for this kitchen design if you wish to replicate this.

White Ceiling Pendant Kitchen Light


The centre piece of this kitchen design is a White Ceiling Pendant to compliment the modern island design. The MARI Dome Ring Ceiling Pendant Light is the new modern ceiling light pendant. Adding a mix of modern industrial style lighting to your kitchen or living room.




LED under cabinet lightUnder the White Cabinets we used Matrix 240V LED Linear Rigid Under Unit Lights. The Reason Why this light was best suitable is because of the LED Lighting and the also is fitted with a switch for turning on and of for efficiency. 


LED Ceiling Spotlight

We like keeping it simple with the Down lights as we didn’t want to take the focus of the main centre Ceiling Pendant. With a white painted ceiling we installed the Ansell Twistlock GU10/MR16 White Downlight . These lights have Twistlock technology for simple removal of light bulb.

LED Strip Light in Kitchen

Instead of installing spotlights for under the large breakfast bar island we would recommend using these 5M Roll of 4.8W Single Row LED Tape . These provide the best LED lighting for surfaces close to the floor as it gives of that modern illuminated glow and also has a Estimated Life of  35000 Hours!


To top of the modern look of this kitchen work top the designer has added ornaments under the White Ceiling Pendant light. The Glass Vase is perfect ornament for reflecting the light from the lights above. Also by adding Quirky Dishes with a wooden copper or Bronze design will really compliment the Glass Vase and make it stand out even more.

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