Lizard Island Resort Lighting Replica

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This Great Barrier Reef of Sydney has a stunning view with the Lizard Island Luxury Resort on the edges. This Island is one of Sydney’s best tourist attractions for luxurious nights away. As we have took a dive into the Australian market i believe this would be the perfect location in which we can showcase replica lights that this amazing resort has showcased.


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Imagine waking up every morning to the view of blue skies and blue waters! This is a luxury for most people and this view and interior decor looks amazing.

One of our outdoor popular table home-ware items are the new tealights we have to offer. light-living-tealight-s-5-ø7x8-cm-moita-glass-silver-p33351-34458_image

Beachfront Suite Bathroom

This Large Bathroom Mirror is well suited for that tropical elegant look and i think the Astro Roma Light is the perfect light for both sides of this mirror.




This is one of the rooms that lead out onto the beach and as you can see that Zen relaxing style of this room compliments the chilling vibe. Having a white ceiling light really adds to the tropical style that will lead you to the elegant beach.  in which i picked the Light and Living hanging pendant light would be perfect for this look!




Beachfront Suite View

This is the view from the previous picture of the Zen white room, but this is breath taking and at night time you want to be able to see the surrounding areas. The only thing missing from the beach porch is a porch wall light or ceiling light !


The Lisio Light from Eglo and the Astro Toronto Wall lights are the best feature that could be added to this porches exterior.




These are only a select few of the lights that i have selected for this design but we have plenty more in stock and you can find more Products, Blogs and information on us at 

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