Surface Mount Vs Recessed Downlights

Ceiling Downlights are traditionally recessed into the cavity void but an exciting new trend has been popping up across the US and making it’s way into residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. This latest trend is a spin on a a previous popular trend of adjustable surface mounted spotlighting, but without the adjustable means.

The use of Surface Mounted LED Downlights gives the room a minimalist architectural feel but with without the ’emptiness’ commonly associated with recessed Downlights. A series of Surface Downlights can show off your true interior design flare and create a pattern of ambient and practical light. Have a look at these additional options:

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So you might be asking about the technical requirements to install these in a new or existing application? All the fittings shown above weigh less than 1kg meaning no substantial grounds are required, they all operate on mains voltage meaning no transformers hidden in the ceiling and you have the flexibility of choosing a light bulb suited to your requirement, for example: Dimmable and Low Energy.

Click here to see our full range of surface mounted Downlights or click here to browse our range of adjustable spotlights (great for Utility Rooms and Bedrooms) or Recessed Downlights (still a great low cost option for any room).

If you need some assistance to plan your surface mounted Downlight layout please feel free to contact our projects team with your room measurements and height –

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