2019 Lighting Trends

2019 Interior Lighting Trends

2019 lighting trends

Hi and Welcome to our blog on the 2019 Lighting Trends, Looking at a few of our best sellers and working with interior designers we have came up with their/Your favorite lighting and what they/us will think is going to be a massive hit for 2019 lighting trends.

Believe it or not one of your first reactions when you walk into a room is to look at the ceiling no matter if your staying in a hotel, Eating at a restaurant and even in your own home. This is how lighting can make or break the interior design of any room or building.


Marble Interior Lighting


Marble is being used in a lot of new apartments all around the world from marble counters to marble splash backs, but marble base lighting is becoming a interior designers favorite. It gives a classy look with a mature vibe. With such a hard material some designers light to compliment this with soft material lighting also.

Interior Landscape Large Lighting

landscape lighting

A lot of new builds have open faces with low ceilings in which people dont have long hanging pendants. They simply have large Landscape lights that will cover a wide range of the room with light but still stay close enough to the ceiling where the taller person wont bang their head.

Natural Brass is Making a Come Back!


Their seems to be a lot of designers mixing Brass and Marbel together or Brass and Dark wood. To me this is a perfect look! The contrast between the colours sends a strong and modern vibe. Adding a Large Brass Ceiling Light and Large Floor Lamps to match is the perfect way to send a strong message about this room.

Natural Material Interior Lighting


As there is more materials being man made natural material lights are creeping back in for different designers private projects. Especially dark wooden lights are starting to make their selves known to the 2019 designs. The reason why is that there is a lot more designers using wooden ornaments and textile items to make the design more full.

These are only 4 examples of what professional interior designers have recommended, If you dont agree or you know of more examples let us know! Contact our Marketing Team and Maybe your choice will be added to this Article!

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