AROMAS DEL CAMPO is a company founded in Valencia in 1986 for manufacturing and distribution of flowers potpourris and aromatic products, hence its name. The manufacture of small glass lamps filled with dried flowers represented the initial steps in the lighting industry. Nowadays the business is fully dedicated to lighting systems with a broad range of products specifically focused on design and avant-garde. Currently, AROMAS DEL CAMPO is fully focused on production and distribution which is organized for national and international markets.

Beautifully simple, the Cohen Table Lamp Design by Aromas provides directional task lighting. With the adjustable lampshade giving you the option to aim the light beam in the direction of your choice. This lamp is a  modern style design made of metal with chrome finish. It is very trendy and fashion forward for a living space or a sitting room. The lampshade is available in shiny black or shiny white so you have a bit of variety to choose from and each finish is alternative therefore it can fit in with many surroundings. The metallic shades in its unique shape sticking out direct position to make sure that the desk and room get the maximum amount of elegant light from the lamp. It has a practical switch on the side for easy use.

Atil designed by Pepe Fornas for Aromas del Campo is an elegantly designed table lamp with metal structure available in three finishes: matt black or matt brass and a stunning Opal glass diffuser which portrays a beam of light.

Flexi Wall Lamp Bronze And Light Brown Leather

The Flexi wall lamp is elegantly crafted and is unlike any other. The use of leather with the curved design makes this a real game changer and produces a very modern edgy look to whatever wall it is placed on..

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