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The Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast Lighting Replica

The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast is well known for its amazing services and luxury overnight stays. With Elegant and modern interior designs from the moment you walk through its doors. With a help with some professional lighting, Maybe you have stayed before and seen the luxury lighting display and wondered were could you source these modern lights that compliment the interior design so well? I will take you through a a few of their fantastic rooms in which i will point out similar products of lighting that can be replicated... Read More


Large Luxury Ceiling Lights

Filling out them Large Ceiling spaces in your kitchen, living room or your staircase is not always the easiest to find. If its a large area then why not go larger than life with these Large Luxury Ceiling Lights from multiple brands that we can ship directly to you. From crystal chandeliers to LED Glass Globe Ceiling Lights.   Schuller Narisa Chrome Cluster Ceiling Light: A Modern Chrome ceiling light with 5 lights that our surrounded by a chrome dint design shades hanging at different heights for a cluster design.... Read More

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Special Delivery Lakeland Leisure Park!

Interested in log cabin  lighting or something similar then have a read: We are more than happy to help with lighting up the wonderful Lakeland Leisure Park . The theme of the design of these lights are Industrial / Natural Material. The combination of the these lights with the surroundings of a Nature Park with Natural Materials and natures beauty, these lights are a perfect fit. Let us take you through the different Lights that might inspire you if you are looking to kit out your lighting for a similar location.... Read More

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Inspiration to use Natural Material For Lighting

Trying to find inspiration for your home lighting design is getting tougher as there is so many options out there that people normally go for. The black dome ceiling lights, the open cage lights or even the copper breakfast lights. Just because everyone is styling their kitchens in different ways with similar lights why not stand out and be different. become your own interior designer within yourself if your into quirky natural made materials. I am going to run  through a couple of ceiling lights with similar designs but also... Read More

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Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

Maybe you have a new home or maybe your looking to give that new kitchen design the perfect lighting from design, quality and performance. In this modern lighting article will show you the products used for this kitchen design if you wish to replicate this.   The centre piece of this kitchen design is a White Ceiling Pendant to compliment the modern island design. The MARI Dome Ring Ceiling Pendant Light is the new modern ceiling light pendant. Adding a mix of modern industrial style lighting to your kitchen or living room.... Read More


Bathroom Mirror Lighting

We are coming into Autumn & Winter season now and you have just finished work. Its late, Dark and Cold outside. After a long day of activities you might want to relax your self with a nice warm bath or shower!to have the perfect peaceful relaxation time everything down to the lighting has to be perfect. you dont want big bright ceiling light fittings turned on as they will just annoy you with the bright ray of light, then you might want to look at yourself in the Bathroom mirror... Read More