Your Guide To Flush Lighting

For some people the idea of a hanging chandelier or a dangling lampshade might not appeal to them, or even be practical. So there are many different reasons why people would choose to install flush ceiling lights in their homes. But what different types of flush lights are available? Well, here at Ideas4Lighting we have this brief guide to help you decide which style would be best for you. Slick and Simple The first style we are bringing to your attention is the simplest style of flush ceiling lamp. This... Read More


The Chandelier: A Touch of Luxury For Every Room

With the colder seasons just around the corner, you can really afford to glitz up your home and add a little winter luxury to your interior décor. A change of light feature can really enhance a space, and offers a cost-effective and easy way to uplift your seasonal décor with sophisticated style. We think crystal chandeliers are the ideal Christmas-inspired interior touch for any home, adding fairytale and winter wonderland magic to any modern or traditional abode. Here are a few of the favourite chandelier designs this season! The Royale... Read More

The Luxurious Lighting Guide

If you’re looking to spruce up your home a bit this autumn or winter, there is one very effective and affordable way to do it, which, of course, is by adding brand new lighting features to your home. Lights not only make your home brighter but add a touch of much-needed luxury to your lovely little palace. Your home should reflect your personality, and it should also impress you (and your guests!). We all know that dull, lifeless and uninspiring rooms are just not going to do the trick, so... Read More

Autumnal Shades and Styles For Your Home

Apart from woolly jumpers, bobble hats and a touch of Halloween fun – autumn provides gorgeous textures and plenty of colour during the cooler seasons. Whether you fancy giving your home an autumn aesthetic or just fancy a splash of new colour life, let the gorgeous and natural palettes inspire your décor choices all year round. Golden Tones The colours of fall are related to a great sense of warmth, comfort and welcoming nature. Consider the colours of leaves falling and turning golden brown, orange and red for the ultimate... Read More

Top Bathroom Interior Design Trends

If you’re starting a brand new bathroom renovation, you’ll know that there are thousands of interior design trends to choose from – it can be hard to decide what to! Don’t worry though, we’ve whittled the list down to a few of our favorites to help you make this all important decision, so read on to discover some of the top bathroom interior design trends. Mosaic Magic Mosaic tiles are hugely popular; it’s a fantastic way to add a few interesting textures to your bathroom. Combine natural coloured tiles with... Read More