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Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

Maybe you have a new home or maybe your looking to give that new kitchen design the perfect lighting from design, quality and performance. In this modern lighting article will show you the products used for this kitchen design if you wish to replicate this.   The centre piece of this kitchen design is a White Ceiling Pendant to compliment the modern island design. The MARI Dome Ring Ceiling Pendant Light is the new modern ceiling light pendant. Adding a mix of modern industrial style lighting to your kitchen or living room.... Read More


How to Make a Windowless Room Wonderful

We all love natural light; there’s something intrinsically beautiful about a big window with lots of sunshine streaming in. It makes a room feel fresh, bright and welcoming. However, not every room gets the natural light you might wish it did, and some may have no natural light at all. So what can you do with such rooms to stop them feeling like dark, dingy caves? Choose Colours Carefully Colour choices are always important, but when your room has little or no natural light, it’s even more important. Sticking to... Read More