Kitchen Lights

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Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

Maybe you have a new home or maybe your looking to give that new kitchen design the perfect lighting from design, quality and performance. In this modern lighting article will show you the products used for this kitchen design if you wish to replicate this.   The centre piece of this kitchen design is a White Ceiling Pendant to compliment the modern island design. The MARI Dome Ring Ceiling Pendant Light is the new modern ceiling light pendant. Adding a mix of modern industrial style lighting to your kitchen or living room.... Read More

https://www.ideas4lighting.com/shop-by-room-c2/kitchen-c7/oris-pendant-retro-island-bar-with-copper-finish-p16995 07/12/2016

How to place Kitchen Island Pendants

We often get asked, how many kitchen pendant lights do you need for an island and how should i space them and at what heights?? We’ve created this awesome guide to help you get the most out of your kitchen lighting! In summary, always raise the bottom of the pendant above the line of sight for the average standing height of a person. Groups of 2-3 pendants are ideal with spacing between 12-18″ so not to allow shadows and also allow the eye to travel past. The shape of a... Read More


Kitchen Lighting Tips

Our kitchens are often the most used rooms in our homes; hence it’s important we get their design just right. A good lighting plan is an essential aspect of any kitchen design and can help improve both the style and functionality of this key space. So here we take a look at some top kitchen lighting tips, to help you get the right look for your kitchen. Pendants When it comes to kitchen lighting, pendant lights are a very popular option and offer great style and functionality. These are a... Read More

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Kitchen Design Trends For 2015

If you’ve been thinking about revamping the look of your kitchen, then the New Year can be an ideal time to make a start. Up and coming kitchen trends can be a great source of inspiration. So here we take a quick look at some top kitchen trends predicted to be big in 2015 to help you get you inspired with your kitchen design. Bold Wallpaper 2015 is set to be all about wallpaper that wows, and a bold wallpaper print is an ideal option for making a real style... Read More