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Large Luxury Ceiling Lights

Filling out them Large Ceiling spaces in your kitchen, living room or your staircase is not always the easiest to find. If its a large area then why not go larger than life with these Large Luxury Ceiling Lights from multiple brands that we can ship directly to you. From crystal chandeliers to LED Glass Globe Ceiling Lights.   Schuller Narisa Chrome Cluster Ceiling Light: A Modern Chrome ceiling light with 5 lights that our surrounded by a chrome dint design shades hanging at different heights for a cluster design.... Read More


Subtle vs. Statement Lighting

When designing the lighting scheme for any room in your home, you must choose whether you want the lights to be a feature of the design or if you want them to be subtle and unnoticed. Either can be very effective, and can create a beautiful environment. Subtle Lighting If your room has significant features that you’d like to accentuate, a subtle lighting scheme is an excellent way to achieve this. By casting the light towards the features of the room – traditional timber beams, for example – you set... Read More