Lighting Guide

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Lighting Buying Guide

The world of lighting is complex and plentiful making an informed decision difficult when it comes to sizing up a light fitting for your room whilst ensuring its 4 corners are adequately lit for purpose. Firstly, ask yourself: What do you want your lights to offer? Ambience – Creating moods in a room with warm colours and bold statements Brightness – Effective working light for home offices, reading and desk work Accent – Lighting dark corners, pictures and focal points Function – Enhanced focused lighting directed in an area requiring extra... Read More

The Luxurious Lighting Guide

If you’re looking to spruce up your home a bit this autumn or winter, there is one very effective and affordable way to do it, which, of course, is by adding brand new lighting features to your home. Lights not only make your home brighter but add a touch of much-needed luxury to your lovely little palace. Your home should reflect your personality, and it should also impress you (and your guests!). We all know that dull, lifeless and uninspiring rooms are just not going to do the trick, so... Read More