Mirror lights


Lizard Island Resort Lighting Replica

This Great Barrier Reef of Sydney has a stunning view with the Lizard Island Luxury Resort on the edges. This Island is one of Sydney’s best tourist attractions for luxurious nights away. As we have took a dive into the Australian market i believe this would be the perfect location in which we can showcase replica lights that this amazing resort has showcased.   Imagine waking up every morning to the view of blue skies and blue waters! This is a luxury for most people and this view and interior... Read More


Bathroom Mirror Ideas for 2015

In bathroom design, mirrors often don’t receive the credit they deserve. There are a whole range of different styles for whatever bathroom style that you are going for and mirrors even have the ability to become your bathroom’s main feature. To inspire your bathroom design choices, here are four different types of mirror that you could use. Classic Framed Mirror The classic rectangle framed mirror will still be a good mirror to have in 2015. The mirror will fit into a bathroom whether you are going for a traditional or... Read More