Oaks Games Room

The games room should be a place that is easy going and free from restrictions.  To capture this atmosphere, it should be brightly lit and playful, with warm lighting that is not harsh or industrial. Anyone can enjoy a games room.  It is one of the very few rooms in the house where anything really goes.  Kids can mess about and adults can pretend they aren’t adults for a while. The atmosphere in a games room should be chilled and easy going and the same can be said for the lighting.  From ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lights, you can really use anything to light a games room.The best way to create an imaginative lighting scheme in a games room is to build layers of lighting.  This can be done by incorporating different types of lights that can be used separately or altogether. You can also be creative with the bulbs you use, by introducing coloured bulbs or using coloured string lights to make the room look exciting and modern. String lights are easily adaptable to any room and fit perfectly with the fun loving atmosphere that every games room should have!

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