ideas4lighting, a brand of parent company ‘Clanrye Lighting’ was established in 2014 as a means to expand our market reach and continue to develop the company. We are an independent, family owned and run business (established in 1989) with over 30 years of experience in the Lighting and Electrical Retail and Wholesale markets. We pride ourselves on our great customer service, our vast variety of products catering to all markets, as well as our excellent prices, much to the delight of our customer base.

In recent years our operations have greatly expanded, and we are ever increasing into new markets in both retail and wholesale capacity. Our unique order and dispatch system allow customers in all 195 countries to purchase any product with an accurate delivery price at the time of checkout for a truly quick and convenient service.   

Our purchasing and marketing teams spend a great deal of time to market and merchandise products based on the latest trends and popular cultures. We cater for all styles and trends including traditional, vintage, modern, transitional, rustic, Art Deco and Oriental.

We love to work with interior designers and consultants on projects of all sizes. Our highly experienced sales and project teams are well trained on our full range of products taking great pride in their work. If you’d like to discuss a project with us please get in touch via our support desk.

So, why choose ideas4lighting?

  • Over 40,000 Products from over 40 top brands
  • Over 30 Years of industry experience
  • Friendly and helpful customer service agents
  • Great Prices
  • Worldwide Delivery

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